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As a business owner, we believe you should always be aware of what would make a successful exit.  No matter how long you’ve been in business, what industry you’re in or how much longer you plan to work, there are many financially intricate considerations you need to make. Whether that means selling your company or passing it on to your family or business partner, we help ensure this transition goes as smoothly as possible.

We understand what is necessary to sell or transition your business, not just through books and education, but through the experience of helping others and actually doing it ourselves. We can help position you for a sale in the future and identify any wealth gap that may occur upon that sale.

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    Donating Appreciated Stock,
    Utilize Your IRA for a Qualified Charitable Distribution,
    Consider an Employer Match for Charitable Gifts,
    Donating to organization


    Beneficiary Designations: Per Stirpes and Per Capita. Estate Planning Basics including Checklists. 5 Common Emotional Roadblocks that Could Halt a Successful Estate Plan


    Investment management is comprised of diversification and asset allocation according to a goal based on your age, financial situation, risk tolerance and tax situation


    A well-designed plan empowers you. It wields your money like the tool that it is. It puts your wealth to work for you instead of the other way around. Think of this blueprint like a comprehensive roadmap made exclusively for navigating your best life


    Learn topics such as tax reduction strategies for high earners, required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), taxes on Social Security and the Medicare Surtax, Taxes on Estates and more


    Risk and insurance planning are essential building blocks of evaluating your potential exposure to misfortunes, major life events or acts of God. Learn how to protect yourself and loved ones


    Maintaining the “financial garage,” as we call it, can be daunting. Just as your home garage can become completely disorganized and cluttered after a little neglect, so too can your finances


    Building a Lasting Legacy: 6 Ways for Affluent Families to Bullet-Proof their Estate Plan.
    The Letter of Intent: An Estate Planning Must-Have to Care for Your Family

    Services for Business Owners

    Business owners are often very focused on day-to-day planning for growth – and with good reason. But no matter what state you are at, whether you are just starting your business or you are starting to think about planning an exit, there are strategies and structures that can help you maximize value.

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    Services for High Income Earners

    At BWM Financial, we’ve helped executives, engineers, and scientists at San Diego companies with their financial affairs for over 20 years. This often involves navigating the complexities of employee benefits, such as company stock, options, retirement plans, and insurance benefits.

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