Did the Fed Finally Break Something?

By |2023-03-15T14:22:48-08:00March 15th, 2023|Market Commentary|

Time to Read: 6 Minutes During my career spanning 25+ years in the financial services industry, I’ve noticed the risks you don’t see coming are always the ones that seem to have the biggest impact on the financial markets. One such risk appeared last week: Three US banks collapsed because of the fastest central

On Approach for a Soft Landing?

By |2023-01-17T12:01:28-08:00January 17th, 2023|Market Commentary|

Time to Read: 7 Minutes At BWM, we have said multiple times over the last year that parts of the US economy are likely already in a recession. To see examples of contraction in key areas of the economy, investors need to look no further than recent layoffs in the technology industry, a massive

2022 Year of the Bear, What’s the Market’s Next Act? | December 2022 Webinar Recap

By |2022-12-06T13:01:45-08:00December 6th, 2022|Market Commentary|

Time to Read: 2 Minutes 2022 market overview, housing and labor market weighing on crowd sentiment, Fed announcements, and inflation remain at the forefront of investors’ minds as the market continues to be confusing for economists. In our latest webinar, BWM Financial President Jeff Brown discusses the latest inflation data, how the Fed is

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