The Positive Effects of Working in Your Senior Years

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Time to Read: 5 Minutes Working during your senior years doesn’t have to be just about income.  The National Institute on Aging reports that those who participate in regular physical activity, stay connected through social events, and keep up with a hobby have shown signs of or have reported feeling happier and healthier. Working in your

What Can You Buy With 529 Distributions?

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Time to Read: 4 Minutes The biggest challenge for students and parents when planning for education is the financial costs, which include tuition and academic expenses. There is help – 529 Plans aren’t just for college anymore.  K-12 private and religious schools are also eligible. Funds can be used for four and two year colleges, trade schools, graduate programs and some international institutions.  Section 529

529s – College Savings Advice for High-Net-Worth Investors

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Time to Read: 10 Minutes Section 529 plans are arguably the best college savings vehicle around. In this article, we will cover what 529 plans are, why they make such great college savings accounts, and how high net worth investors can take advantage of 529 plans for their estate planning tax benefits.  Introduction to 529 Plans 

Sweating the Small Stuff: Getting Strategic About Paying Investment Advisory Fees

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Time to Read: 4 Minutes At BWM Financial, our laser focus on giving clients a financial “edge” sets us apart from other wealth managers.  Oftentimes this is through an ongoing relationship and comprehensive financial plan, but we delight whenever we can pass along an “easy win”.   A great example of this is how we help structure

Gift Tax 101: Creating Tax-Advantageous Gifting Strategies

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Time to Read: 7 Minutes Many high earners want to know the most tax-efficient strategies for gifting assets to the people they care about. With concerns over lower estate tax exemptions in the future, BWM Financial is helping clients pass their wealth to loved ones in a tax-efficient way during their lifetimes.  We explain the fundamental gifting rules, benefits,

How ESG Investing Aligns Your Values with Your Portfolio

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Time to Read: 5 Minutes ESG is one of the fastest-growing themes within the investment world, quickly gaining prominence across the spectrum of financial products from ETFs to specialized, custom strategies. The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment reports that total U.S.-domiciled sustainably invested assets under management grew 42% between 2018 and 2020. They now represent 33% of the $51.4 trillion

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