Your financial plan should encompass more than a summary of your investments, goals, and target dates.  It should not sit on a shelf gathering dust once it’s completed.  A financial plan should be a living, breathing document which evolves over time and adapts to changes in your life.  Most importantly, it should be a tool to help you make critical decisions based on an objective and complete view of your finances. Our plans are:

  • Proactive
    • Having a plan, which is overseen and updated by a professional advisor, reminds clients of the things they might need to do, based on age or life stage, before they happen.
    • When plans are detailed and up-to-date, it becomes easy to make quick, confident financial decisions.
  • Integrative
    • We look at real-time client data, and regularly review assumptions, goals, progress, and setbacks.
    • Plans are implemented with managed accounts and consultation with other trusted advisors (financial coordination).
    • Assets are aggregated on one balance sheet so your plan includes your entire financial picture, not just the accounts we manage on your behalf.
    • The financial plan is the driving force for the investment plan—each is integral to the other.
  • Multi-faceted
    • Stress test and risk assessments feed into the financial planning assumptions/discussion, rather than using a standalone calculation or survey.
    • As technology develops, so do the tools we have at our disposal. We’re able to integrate our planning software with multiple platforms.
    • We don’t operate in a single silo of cash flow (time value of money) calculations. Instead, we combine investment analysis which leverages statistical testing/simulations with stress testing and inject human expertise strategically. Some advisors don’t bother to utilize more than one approach, which is critical to total wealth planning.

Rather than merely reprint a generic sample plan, our in-depth series of introductory meetings culminate in the delivery of your customized financial plan and corresponding investment portfolio.  Once you become a client, we get to work implementing our recommendations, which are flexible and adaptable to your financial, professional and personal goals.