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Leave a Map and our Estate Planning Checklist were developed because we see how difficult it can be for people to settle someone’s financial affairs or estate after they pass. Couple that with the grief of losing a relative or a friend and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. So we consulted with some local estate planning attorneys to outline the steps that you might take ahead of time or in the event of someone’s passing to hopefully lighten the load. These fillable checklists are intended as a general guide but they’re not a substitute for professional tax or legal advice and you should always consult a qualified attorney or tax advisor before taking any actions.

Estate Settlement Checklist
Leave a Map, Not a Mess (A Guide for Your Heirs)

Not sure where to start?  Watch the 5 minute video below as our Director of Wealth Management, Patrick Ford, CPWA®, explains how to use each guide and checklist.