How Much Does a Financial Advisor / Planner Cost?

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Time to Read: 6 Minutes. Most people need financial advice at some point in their lives. Whether it’s managing a windfall, navigating the path to retirement or identifying a tax-efficient investment strategy, a financial advisor can provide valuable insight. It’s not difficult to imagine how you may benefit from the professional support of a

Tips For Retirement Income Planning

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Time to Read: 10 minutes | Tips for Retirement Income Planning Much time, energy, and thought are put into the fundamentals of saving for retirement before retirement happens – how to allocate assets, understanding the benefits of tax-advantaged retirement accounts, etc.  Less emphasis is put on how to withdraw the funds once you’re in retirement.

Expertise in Every Role: Why You Want an Operations Team with a CFP® Professional

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Time to Read: 5 minutes | How Others Do It When clients interact with a top financial planner, the depth of knowledge in wealth management strategies is apparent and often indicated by the professional designation of the CFP® certification.  However industry-wide, many practices are structured so this knowledge is top heavy and siloed in

Paying Dividends: Quality Financial Advice, a Sound Investment

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Time to Read Summary: 3 minutes  | Over the past two decades, the advent of low cost brokerages with online trading have rendered traditional stock brokers obsolete. In addition, most professional investment managers don’t consistently beat their benchmark after fees. Many affluent families have come to view the cost of financial advice as an investment

BWM Financial Raises the Bar For Financial Planning with CPWA®

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Time to read: 6 minutes |  While the use of innovative technology along with elemental training are essential, top financial advisors recognize the importance of obtaining elite professional designations. With stringent experience, education, exam and ethics requirements, the exclusive Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA®) designation is reserved for select advisors – as of 2018 there

Making Sense of Social Security Claiming Strategies

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Time to read: 5 minutes |  Use of a Social Security claiming strategy plays an important role in most retirement income plans.  However, the rules are complex and change often.  In addition, the best claiming strategy is highly dependent on one’s unique situation and preferences.  Many intelligent people rely on an incomplete understanding of their

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