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We value our clients above all else and have developed a unique process to ensure a positive experience with our firm.


The genesis of BWM Financial started in 1996 with our founder, Jeff Brown.

Originally planning to go into investment banking, his love of the Southern Californian lifestyle made him rethink a life in New York City. He found his way into financial planning with IDS, known today as Ameriprise, then moved to Prudential Securities, which eventually became part of Wells Fargo Advisors.

The core of BWM started with two pieces of advice: develop a niche and build a team. Jeff found his original team, determined his niche of corporate executives in the tech industry and consistently used innovative technologies, like index funds and video conferencing, to build his business.

In 2015, he and his team wanted to create something that couldn’t be done in traditional corporations, so they founded Brown Wealth Management, now BWM Financial.

BWM continues to try to be on the cutting edge with technology and unique solutions to financial planning. We get deep into the intentions of people’s financial planning and become a life coach for them. More people are offering “holistic” services now, so it’s more difficult to sound unique as the industry is catching up with what we’ve been doing all along.

Since 2015, we’ve grown successfully from our original 5 person team to an 18 person team, from $400M under advisory assets to $1.5B today.

Our mission is to act as a guide to help people live between the two guardrails of not running out of money and not maximizing their quality of life

As guides, we have a very good understanding of the people we’re guiding, a deep analysis of what they’re looking for and their intentions. We know the financial markets, taxes and regulations, and bring in other professionals as resources when necessary. We have established strategies at hand when things go wrong in order to help our clients through tough times.


To act as a guide to help guide people’s lives between the two guardrails of not running out of money and maximizing their quality of life.

We combine the skill sets of CFOs and life coaches, supporting clients while they are in the process of meeting their financial goals and facilitating changes that need to be made to ensure those goals are met.


Your first meeting with us will prove we’re not like any other firm.

We assess you and your partner (if you have one) to find out how you’re hard-wired around money. More often than not, you will have different ideas than your spouse.

Our process gets to the heart of financial decision-making and promotes tough, but necessary and honest conversations about your life goals and the financial paths that can take you there.

We do this all in the first, complimentary meeting. No strings attached.

When you become part of the BWM family, we go further than annual check-ins.

We think about the unexpected – like long-term care and living trusts – then help you plan for it. We also help you think about what is truly possible with the resources you have, guiding you through ‘what-if’ planning to maximize the opportunities you are presented along the way. We help you prepare for the futures you never imagined for yourself.

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